History Alive Series

The plays in this series are accurately researched.

New plays on themes not listed can be commissioned.

The stories last between 20 minutes - 1 hour.

A Victorian Lady

Set in Regency/ Victorian times, a family secret is revealed when the young son of a mine owner is seen working in the mine with all the other children.

A little girl

Two separate but exciting accounts of the Luddite raids of 1811 - 1812. A little girl watches her father and older brother being captured by the soldiers. The second story describes a failed raid on the mill of William Cartwright and the slaughter of the Luddites involved.


Two fast-moving and dramatic stories about smugglers 1735-1746. In one, a little girl sees her father murdered by the smugglers; the second play depicts the fall of the infamous Hawkhurst gang of Kent.

Russian Aristocrat

In 1910 an aristocratic Russian girl meets a peasant girl in the woods. Their very different lives are contrasted, but lead to a crisis when they meet again seven years later. A dramatic ending to an exciting play set in the turbulent atmosphere of those times.

Mama Pepov

On Christmas Eve Mama Pepov is promised a visit from a special visitor the next day. She waits all day but he does not come. Or does he?

Joachim The Tramp

A tramp, Joachim, wrongly accused of theft, escapes from a prison cell, (helped by his wife), and then proves his innocence.

A Villager

The parcel contains some material sent to the Derbyshire village of Eyam. It carried the germ which brought the plague in 1665. A well researched play. Portrayed through the eyes of some of the villagers who survived.

The Russian Prince

Set in Russia at the time of Alexander 1, the story follows a young prince’s adventures to find a wife. This exciting play captures well the authentic background and atmosphere of Tsarist Russia.

Other plays: