Acting & writing

Calling myself The Travelling Storyteller I write and perform plays acting all the characters myself, whilst dressed in appropriate costume. The plays are presented studio-style in halls and classrooms.

There are nineteen plays appropriate for KS3, 4&5, all of which are available in current repertoire These plays are regularly adapted and re-written for particular projects and for performances to people with learning disabilities.

New work is often commissioned. Plays with an historical theme are very accurately researched.

Plays about Classical Greece a speciality.


ACTION ARTS projects in schools including residencies, performances, drama and creative writing workshops. Work with both mainstream and those with learning and physical disabilities. Work in referral units and learning support units in schools.

Performances, workshops and projects for KS1-KS4 in, Barnsley,Birmingham, Buxton, Chesterfield, Derby, Doncaster, Hull, Leicester, Northants, Oakham, Sheffield, Solihull, South Normanton,Rainhill and Wolverhampton.

Performances, creative writing workshops and Shakespearian, workshops to yrs7-10 Parkside Community School Chesterfield.

Performances,workshops and projects for KS1- KS4 in Chesterfield, Doncaster,,Halifax, Hucknall, Hull, Leicester, Lincolnshire, Mansfield, Nottingham, Sheffield, St. Albans Gainsborough Sitwell and Worksop.

Drama and creative writing workshops based on play performances for the educational support department, of a comprehensive school Doncaster.

Performances, workshops and projects in schools.

Week’s residency at Woodthorpe Primary School, Chesterfield, to pupils of Years Five and Six – workshops leading to a public performance of their own devised play of Victorian childhood.

Part-time Drama Teacher at St Mary’s R.C. High School Chesterfield for years 7-10

Weekly Shakespearian drama workshops to year 9 students in comprehensive schools.

Established own Youth Theatre Group [performances & workshops].

Director of North East Derbyshire Young People’s Theatre

[workshops, regular productions, film-making for students 13 – 18 yrs].

6 – 12 yrs at Chesterfield College.

Drama workshops to youth groups [courses from 10 weeks to 5 yrs]

Weekly adult drama classes for Adult Education as well as Drama summer schools for teachers.

Directed a community arts production of the medieval mystery plays.

Head of Lower School Drama, Westfield Comprehensive, Sheffield.

Teacher of Drama and English, Deincourt Secondary School, Derbyshire.